Program of the 2015 Colloquium : From arthrosis to the osteoarthritides
Organised by :
Pr Richard Trèves
Introduction : From arthrosis to the osteoarthritides
Pierre Godeau
From osteoarthritis to the osteoarthritides: a new pathophysiological vision Osteoarthritis is a real metabolic disease
Jérémie Sellam
Cartilage ultrasound
Damien Loeuille
What image(s) for cartilage?
Sébastien Touraine
The bone/cartilage junction
Thierry Thomas, Thomas Funck-Brentano
Biomarkers of osteoarthritis: from design to qualification
Yves Henrotin
Microcrystals and osteoarthritis
Pascal Richette
Slow-acting medications in osteoarthritis
André Kahan
Current advances and new treatments in osteoarthritis
Xavier Chevalier
Total hip and knee replacements: What’s new in 2015?
Luc Kerboull