Program of the 2014 Colloquium : Stroke: new therapies
Organised by :
Pr Marie-Germaine Bousser
Introduction : Cerebrovascular accidents
Pierre Godeau
Treating acute cerebral ischaemia
Sonia Alamowitch
Stroke, new therapies: After twenty years of thrombolysis, what’s new?
Jean-François Pinel
Treating Hemorrhagic stroke
Christian Stapf
A scanner in the ambulance? Prehospital thrombolysis and further opportunities
Martin Ebinger
Ruptured aneurysm: clips or coils?
Vianney Gilard, Sophie Curey, Éléonore Tollard, Olivier Langlois,François Proust
Treat cerebral venous thrombosis
Isabelle Crassard
What’s new in post-stroke rehabilitation?
Philippe Marque
Preventing cerebral infarction
Emmanuel Touzé
Organising health care pathways for stroke victims
France Woimant