Program of the 2013 Colloquium : Skin ageing
Organised by :
Pr Camille Frances
Introduction : Skin ageing
Pierre Godeau et Camille Francès
The impact of ageing on the functional properties of the skin
Jean-Luc Lévêque
Gürkan Kaya
Carcinogenesis and skin ageing
Nicole Basset-Seguin
The colour of human skin: from research to aesthetics
Thierry Passeron
Skin healing in the elderly: from pathology to healing and repair
Sylvie Meaume
Pharmacology and dermatology in ageing
Jean-Hilaire Saurat et Olivier Sorg
Regulatory B cells in autoimmune bullous diseases
Philippe Musette
The value of skin substitutes in the clinical setting and in cosmetology research
Odile Damour, Céline Auxenfans, Eric Dantzer, Christian Echinard, Amélie Thépot et Morgan Dos Santos
The place of cosmetics in skin ageing
Anny Cohen-Letessier
Filling techniques: what are the limits?
Annick Pons-Guiraud
The myth of eternal beauty in 2013: the psychiatrist’s perspective
Jean-Paul Mialet