Program of the 2012 Colloquim : Sarcopenia
Organised by :
Pr Jean-Pierre Michel
Introduction: Why the interest in sarcopenia ?
Pierre Godeau
Neuromuscular system and sarcopenia
Patrick Cherin
The internal mechanisms of sarcopenia
Yves Boirie
Ryanodine receptors and muscle pathophysiology
Alain Lacampagne et Yannis Tsouderos
Towards a consensus definition of sarcopenia
Jean-Pierre Michel
Differential diagnosis between undernutrition, sarcopenia and cachexia
Stéphane Schneider
The definition of sarcopenic obesity
José A. Morais
Evaluation of muscle volume, strength and function in clinical practice
Yves Rolland
The contribution of imaging to clinical research
Anne Miquel
Sarcopenia, mobility and balance: the importance of physical exercise
René Rizzoli et Mélany Hars
Nutritional interventions in response to sarcopenia
Cornel Sieber
What are the new therapeutic approaches to sarcopenia?
Matteo Cesari et Bruno Vellas