Program of the 2011 Colloquim : Nanosciences in medicine
Organised by :
Pr Gérard Milhaud, Pr Jean-Marie Brogard
Pierre Godeau
Beyond synthesis: Self-organisation
Jean-Marie Lehn
From nanoparticles to nano products - overview and perspective
Eric Gaffet
Therapeutic developments in nano-oncology
Patrick Couvreur
Cardiovascular medicine and nanomedical systems - synthetic intelligent nanosystems
Patrick Hunziker
Nanotechnologies in the field of diabetes
John C Pickup, Zheng-liang Zhi, Faaizah Khan
Contribution of nanosciences to advances in genomics
Claire Camus, Aurélie Bergon et Catherine Nguyen
From deep brain stimulation to brain-machine interfaces: the contribution of micro-nano-technology
Alim Louis Benabid, Cécile Moro, Tetyana Aksenova, Stephan Chabardes, Guillaume Charvet, Thomas Costecalde, Etienne Labyt, Michael Foerster, Sadok Gharbi, David Ratel, Fabien Sauter, Napoleon Torres, Alexander Wyss, Andryi Yelisyeyev, Jean Porcherot, Cori
In vivo imaging for, and with, nano-objects
Bertrand Tavitian
Precautions for using nanoparticles and nanotechnologies
Christian Villiers
Retinal implants: from pathophysiology to nanoscience
José-Alain Sahel, Serge Picaud, Ryad Benosman, Philippe Bergonzo, Lionel Rousseau, Saddek Mohand-Said, Michel Paques, Botond Roska
Ethical issues in nanotechnology
Didier Sicard