Program of the 2010 Colloquim : Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics
Organised by :
Pr Patrice Jaillon, Pr Jean-François Giudicelli, Mme Béatrice Guardiola-Lemaitre
Pierre Godeau
Inter-ethnic, intra-ethnic and intra-individual variability in responsiveness to drugs
Jean-Paul Tillement
Genome and pharmacogenetics
Philippe Beaune
The (high)ways of pharmacogenetics and personalised medicine
Philippe Froguel
Genomics in cancer and treatment
Fabien Calvo
Genetic determining factors for diabetic nephropathy: what is known today?
Michel Marre
Pharmacogenetics and coronary heart disease
Laurent Becquemont
The genetics of Alzheimer's disease
Philippe Amouyel
Pharmacogenetics of enzymes that metabolise drugs
Laurent Becquemont
Genetic variation of enzymes and drug targets: example of vitamin Kantagonists
Céline Vérstuyft
Pharmacogenetics and drug development: from research to labelling
François Alhenc-Gelas
Personalised treatment: a dream or tomorrow's reality?
Jacques Mallet
Genetic testing and mass screening in the context of pharmacogenetics
Ségolène Aymé
Gene therapy, genetic engineering and ethics
Janine Chanteur