Subsidy/Donation allocation

Subsidies/Donations may be awarded to Foundations or Assocations whose aim is to promote medical research in areas recognized as being in the significant interest of public health, notably in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, immuno-inflammation and cancer.

Subsidies/Donations are awarded after consultation of the Scientific Committee.

Eligibility criteria:

Subsidies/Donations must contribute to support Independant Institutions in their activity of healthcare professsional training, requiring neither services nor postings in return.
Subsidies/Donations shall be awarded to legal organizations recognized in the field of healthcare and with whom no conflict of interest exists. Subsidies/Donations cannot be awarded to a physical person.
L'Institut Servier shall neither exert control over the training program, nor over the recipients of the training.
It is necessary to provide a formal request (or application) detailing the training project as well as written consent or an acceptance letter for the provision of the subsidy to the beneficiary institution specifying that the subsidy will be fully dedicated to the training program.

Supporting documents to be provided for each application of subsidy/donation:

Written request on your organization's letterhead, which must correspond to the subsidy/donation beneficiary mentioned in the statutes.
Full copy of the original statutes registered at the Prefecture.
Copy of the last declaration receipt and copy of the publication of the statutes in the Official Journal.
Bank transfer information.