Application for a grant and eligibility criteria

L'Institut Servier grants constitute a support for mobility for one research year abroad, in order allow:

Future PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to receive complementary training abroad in a university medical center in a foreign country.
Researchers (fundamental or applied) to complete their research abroad in particular in the following areas of research and therapy: cardiovascular diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, immuno-inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and cancers. Projects including drugs or new clinical entity are excluded.

Criteria for the objective assessment to obtain a grant :

  1. Reason and need for relocation
  2. Scientific curriculum and publications of the candidate
  3. Interest, pertinence, and scientific quality of the project
  4. Personal investment of the candidate in the project
  5. Added value for the original team
  6. Subsequent career path of the candidate
Grant and eligibility image