Every year over two days in November L'Institut Servier organizes Scientific Days in Paris, which cover :

● The Laureate Symposium : researchers, medical doctors and/or pharmacists having benefitted from a mobility research grant present their research in the presence of their department head and of the head of their host laboratory.

● The Scientific Colloquium : organized by two members of the Scientific Committee and dedicated to a subject of current and future interest, notably in the following therapeutic domains: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, immune inflammation and oncology.

November 20TH, 2019
Research presentations by the 2019 Laureates
Bernard Devulder, President of the Scientific Committee
Characterization of the clonal architecture of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma
Sarah Huet, Gilles Salles, Ahmet Dogan
Unraveling the role of MLL-1 in MN1 high acute myeloid leukemia
Clara Libbrecht, Yves Bertrand, Kathrin M. Bernt
Definition of the temporal sequence of pro-oncogenic mutations in urothelial carcinoma
François Audenet, Arnaud Méjean, David B. Solit
Genomic and prognostic aspects of sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma (sRCC)
Cédric Lebâcle, Jacques Irani, Alan J. Pantuck
Contribution of multiparametric MRI to lung cancer screening
Constance de Margerie-Mellon, Eric de Kerviler, Alexander Bankier
Cranial nerve tractography. Feasibility, development, and utility in surgery of skull base tumors
Timothée Jacquesson, Emmanuel Jouanneau, Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda
ERK control of dendritic cell differentiation, homeostasis, and disease
Camille Bigenwald, Eric Oksenhendler, Miriam Merad
New CAR-T cells to improve immunotherapy in pediatric cancers
Déborah Meyran, Jean-Hugues Dalle, Paul Ekert
Investigating the mechanisms of arrhythmias associated with ibrutinib
Joe-Elie Salem, Christian Funck-Brentano, Javid Moslehi
Thoughts and wrap-up
Dominique Bellet and Philippe Rougier